Bullion(BULL) Coins

The smart way to accelerate Ethereum Blockchain adoption globally

Bullion(BULL) coin is unique digital assets that will unleash the miners and buyers to sell and buy precious, semi-precious metals and stones on the decentralized platform. Which will directly benefit the miners with cutting out middle man.

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Our Vision

Artisanal Miners born with the aim of helping ASM in African region to remove the middle man from the trade who squeeze all the profits of ASM. Here at Artisanal Miners we are supporting United Nation defined Global Goals to achieve our Vision and help them to make a contribution in their life.

Pie chart representation of distribution of Tokens to Achieve Global Goals for ASM Community.


Global Investments Distribution

Below map representing the data between production and consumption. Production in African communities and Consumption (Rest of world).

Artisanal Miners Bullion(BULL) Internal Trade Sequence

Video represent how the trader can trade precious and semi precious Stones, and Industrial Metals from the time of signing contract to mining until it is delivered to Main buyer.

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