Road Map

How it was implemented

Here is a timeline of how we get started with the
Bullion(BULL) Coins and where we are going further

  • August2009

    Concept Birth

    Traveling with thesis.
    Ikshit Amin Director of Torque Holdings, started his journey in 2009 in Africa with his passion about social change and committed to empower communities to unlock local talent.

  • Jun2016

    Visited 145 mines in all African countries

    Artisanal & small Scale miners injustice.
    During his visit from 2009 - 2016 he visited more then 145 mines when he got to know that ASM communities who is mining glitter but still very back and un-aware from the market.

  • May2016

    Anarchy middle man loot

    40% Cut
    Middle man is taking advantage of these ASM communities who are not aware about the current market situation.

  • Jun2016

    Joined hands with 100+ mines accross @ 1600 ASM

    Artisanal Miners Company Born to help ASM communities and remove middle man and joined hands with 100+ mines.

  • Jan2017

    Mobile & Web Application make for support.

    Mobile And Web Application Launched On Both Android And Ios Platform.

  • July2017

    Contract with Miners

    Direct contract with a miners and join with direct buyer.

  • Oct2017

    ERC 20 implementation

    Since the work was not that transparent, Artisanal Miners were looking for a way by which the miners will be directly benefit, team decided to implement the whole process over blockchain and bring the clear transparency.

  • Nov2017

    3rd Party Support

    Geologist environmental activist Goverment certificate.

  • August2018

    Launch ICO

    Planned to launch the first Crypto Currency for ASM Community which will be used over Artisanal Miners platform to buy and sell prcious metals, stones, minerals Including industrial Metals.

  • Oct2018

    Fund allocation

    funds started allocating to the Artisanal Mining units in African countries so they start their production in better safe way.

  • Dec2018


    Production Started on different Artisanal Mining units.

  • Feb2019

    Internal Trade & Buy Sell

    Internal Buy/Sell trade started where a buyer/seller/investor can buy / sell precious and semi-precious stones, metals, minerals.

  • March2019

    Bullion(BULL) Listing

    Bullion(BULL) is on several big Exchanges.

  • Sept2019

    ASM platform over Blockchain beta testing

    ASM platform are transfered over Blockchain and launched on Beta version with to bring out more transparency.

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